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Source Market Moving M&A Rumors

Use AI to gain an edge over the pros

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Identify M&A Rumors

Powered by artificial intelligence, Rumor Hound continuously reads and finds new sources of rumors every day. It learns which sources are the most credible and what rumors will reliably move the markets.

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Custom Alerts

Get instant notifications

Alerts are sent via email/SMS so you can always stay up-to-date. Immediately take advantage of any superstar rumors that are surfaced.


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Reliable Rumors

Better Decisions

This index identifies the reliability of a source, which is based on its track record of successfully moving the market. Backed by research, high-reliability sources with low popularity tend to exhibit higher alpha content.


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M&A Rumor Snippet M&A Rumor Snippet M&A Rumor Snippet

Better Trading Ideas

Complete transparency

For every rumor know the source, its popularity, its reliability, and the estimated price impact*.

*The estimated price impact prediction is valid until the target company's stock price hits the predicted value or a new rumor for the target company is detected or 10 days after the original rumor - whichever comes first.


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  • Best for active traders
  • Everything in Superstar+
  • Estimated price impact
  • 10 day expected move indicator





  • Best for casual traders
  • Everything in Awareness+
  • Source reliability index
  • Know a source's track record





  • Best for investors
  • Unlimited M&A rumors
  • Sort & filter M&A rumors
  • Rumors likely to beat the S&P tool
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